👑King Vetting Guidelines

Dead King ownership represents an esteemed position within the Commonwealth & bears a high standard of excellence to attract the most comprehensive group of professionals in web3. As such, it is incumbent upon the DKS leadership team to establish a set of guiding principles that carefully outlines the primary considerations for onboarding new kings and determining their candidacy for the Throne Room.

Purpose-Driven Vetting

Our primary objective with the vetting process is to take the time necessary to run proper due diligence on new candidates that focuses on the following contributing factors:

  • Personal Bio

  • Web2 and Web3 Experience

  • Goals and Objectives / Why DKS?

  • Community Reputation

  • Cultural Fit

Together, these discussion points will provide a well-rounded, objective summary of the prospective new buyer and their overall candidacy for joining the Throne Room. In addition, these categories will be consistently applied to all new Dead King buyers prior to entry such that an historical fact pattern-based admission process will become the standard going forward.

Due Diligence Expanded

  • Personal Bio: Basic demographic information, web3 anonymity preference, family and life goals.

  • Web2 and Web3 Experience: What career / life experience does this person bring from web2? How did this person originally become involved in web3 and what keeps them going?

  • Goals and Objectives / Why DKS?: Discuss the specific goals of the individual when entering web3. What specifically about DKS captured this person’s attention and continues to hold it?

  • Community Reputation: What is the candidate’s standing in other communities?

  • Cultural Fit: Are there any potential conflicts with existing members, and how might these be navigated? How does the individual portray themselves online?

The vetting process presents an opportunity for us to determine if the new candidate will bring a unique perspective or expertise that enriches the Commonwealth. We are seeking individuals that enhance DKS through social influence, content creation, knowledge sharing, networking or specific expertise.

The Process

  • Initial Engagement: Should an individual buy a Dead King NFT or mention an interest in doing so, the core team will initiate a dialogue with the buyer to explore the facets mentioned above.

  • Formal Conversation: A 15-30 minute call with the core team is encouraged for us to be able to deepen our understanding and connection.

  • Final Review: The core team will summarize its findings and submit them in a convened Board meeting. The Board will collectively discuss if the candidate is a good fit for DKS and make a membership decision in a timely manner to finalize the process.

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