💀Community Guidelines

Membership in Dead King Society (DKS) offers privileged access to a web3 community abundant in personal and financial growth opportunities. DKS’ well-established social platform hosts a membership roster filled with diverse backgrounds, goals and philosophies offering a truly unique experience, as well as a premier pathway of support to our NFT holders on their web3 journey.

The quality of DKS’ community experience hinges upon making human connections in a digital landscape and fostering them into strong personal relationships. Maintaining a healthy and abundant space for all members to thrive requires embracing an overarching unity in purpose. DKS leadership therefore encourages all holders to view themselves as digital asset partners of Dead King Society.

Each holder is incentivized to generate value creative opportunities for the Commonwealth through thought leadership and forming strategic relationships that elevate the value proposition of the entire platform. Engaging in this mindset reinforces the indisputable truth that our greatest asset will always be the community we foster, together.

The following virtues guide how we should focus actions and behaviors toward our shared purpose.

Be Curious: Seek knowledge through research and self-education; develop wisdom through the proper application of knowledge in all your ventures.

Build Bridges, Tear Down Walls: Converting human connections into successful lasting relationships requires a “build-to-grow” mindset where both parties mutually benefit from each other’s efforts. Tearing down walls removes obstacles to reaching this goal and should be exercised at every turn.

Champion Innovation and Creativity: Establish a safe place for each member to bring forth ideas and opportunities designed to dazzle and disrupt.

Joyful Attitude, Winning Mindset: Joy and positivity are currencies as valuable as any coin and equally as contagious. Winning starts with a healthy mindset and perspective on what we are all here to achieve.

Act with Integrity: Seek honesty and integrity in all Commonwealth interactions, both internally and externally, with complete transparency and authenticity, free from hidden motives or personal agendas.

Certain actions and behaviors listed below have no place in our community and will not be tolerated.

Ulterior Motives: Elevating oneself to the detriment of DKS or individual members for personal benefit

Ignorance and Intolerance: Knowingly spreading false information, publicly or privately, to the detriment of DKS or individual community members.

Toxic Attitude, Harmful Mindset: Consistently putting down, shaming, attacking or targeting DKS or individual members or contributing to an overly negative atmosphere within the community.

The DKS leadership team remains deeply committed to the Commonwealth’s continued growth and shared success as we move together into the future. These community guidelines will serve to anchor our actions and intentions that will ultimately push the Commonwealth to reach its full potential.

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